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Asota Music Production in 2014 united with Nelson “Trigga” Martinez in production from Los Angeles, CA., and Miami, Florida creating Trigga Music sounds for EDM fans around the world. And now the opportunity has arisen in representing working with Eric Zuley, CEO of EZ Way Broadcasting in Los Angeles in benefitting the Entertainment Industry with a new facility headquarters, 3,200 sq feet of space right in the middle of the Los Angeles/Orange County lines in providing any events, music videos, photo/video shoots, auditions, castings, speaking, workshops, many awesome productions and opening a lot of casting. We have the media, celebrities, sponsors, reach, and promotion tools as we are linked with over 500 media and blogs, 24 magazines, and much more!!! Nelson “Trigga” Martinez is also the Manager of Recording Artist, Tony Valor under TVI Records. 
makes extensive music, composes, and remixes for bands and International Artists worldwide! Follow us 
Impressum: 2023
Asota Music International 
Record label &  Studio 
Email: for Booking me

Music: Tech House Electronic Dance Music

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